*NEW Piglets ARE HERE!! Born Sept 08, 2014!*
Bottle fed Miniature Potbelly Piglets.  This is your chance to have your own very best friend, a bottle fed miniature potbelly piglet to raise!   Only 1 girl left. Nov 30th, NEW PICS UP!!!

The New litter of piglet videos can be seen at my youtube channel StormieinFlorida
250.00 ea. Piglets are ready and eating Potbelly Pig Pellets, veges and fruits, love belly scratches!
Click or tap the tab "Mini Potbelly Piglets!" to see newest piglets.

Our newest videos Mini Piglets Verses Mini Pumpkin is a 3 Part video, so don't miss out!

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Here at NightStar Farm in Florida we raise and breed True Vietnamese Miniature Potbelly pigs, bunnies, mixed up chicks (LOL), Cockatiels, peachy  or peachie doves and sometimes puppies.  

We are on youtube.com!! Click on the little dirty pig and come watch videos us at NightStar Farm!

  Paris Hilton purchased a Teacup Piglet Called Princess Piglette for $4,500!  My miniature potbelly piglets are not that expensive! LOL My piglets will live longer, are sturdier, weigh a little bit more and will be excellent pets too!  


FRESH FARM EGGS FROM HAPPY CHICKENS! $4 a dozen.  Bring your own egg cartons.  Our chickens are cage free, are given NO drugs, no animal-by-products or antibiotics.  Delicious Eggs from happy chickens!

*Please bring your own egg cartons or baskets*

My NEW Bunny Rabbit web site: 

Stormies Bunny Barn at weebly.com




Mother is a Purebred Double Mane Black Lionhead

Father is a Purebred black and white small gentle awesome mini rex!  

What will they turn out to be?  Pictures coming soon to StormiesBunnyBarn!

 Here at NightStar Farm we have our own Etsy store named StormieSummer. 

(At worldwide known http://www.etsy.com you can find awesomely unique handmade items, vintage and supplies.)

Jewelry and Electronics Jewelry and Electronics A Chic and Nerdy Place To Shop

My store: Tablet accessories, cases, stylus pens!  Fun fashionable affordable jewelry.  Bracelets, necklaces, gemstone rings, changes every week, some are one of a kind.  All monies go to helping me feed the animals and general health care.  *******ALL FREE SHIPPING!****** 

Sometimes we have orphans and or take in the unwanted.   These resources help us do this, so we thank you for visiting.  


We are located in the city of Spring Hill, Hernando County which is in sunny Florida.









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