A clinic has stepped up and cut the bill in half, you can read up on it at the gofundme page, just scroll down and read the updates to see the new posts.  I have also posted the first quote we were given on Friday the 17th.  Libby the owner of the Animal Clinic of St Petersburgs info is on the above link.  

Katy has has an appointment on Thursday April 23rd to remove her eye.  As long as we come up with a good down payment and can show that people are willing to help out, we can give the rest of the money as it comes in, or you can make a direct payment to the animal hospital in st. petersburg to the Katy's eye surgery fund.  

Any amount will help, thank you so much, please spread the word, thank you!!!!!! xoxo

          *Coming in December 2015 New Breed Of Smaller Miniature Potbelly Piglets*

Bottle fed Miniature Potbelly Piglets.  This will be your chance to have your own very best friend, a bottle fed miniature potbelly piglet to raise!   Presley, has been retired.
- Prices will not be discussed over the phone, text, or in email.      

See previous piglet videos at my youtube channel StormieinFlorida
Click or tap the tab "Mini Potbelly Piglets!" to see the last sold piglets.

Our last videos were from October - Mini Piglets Verses Mini Pumpkin is a 3 Part video, so don't miss out!

Welcome to


Here at NightStar Farm in Florida we raise and breed True Vietnamese Miniature Potbelly pigs, bunnies, mixed up chicks (LOL),  peachy or peachie doves and sometimes puppies.  

We are on youtube.com!! Click on the little dirty pig and come watch videos us at NightStar Farm!

  Paris Hilton purchased a Teacup Piglet Called Princess Piglette for $4,500!  My miniature potbelly piglets are not that expensive! LOL My piglets will live longer, are sturdier, weigh a little bit more and will be excellent pets too!  New surprise coming in for Christmas in 2015


FRESH FARM EGGS FROM HAPPY CHICKENS! $4 a dozen.  Bring your own egg cartons.  Our chickens are cage free, are given NO drugs, no animal-by-products or antibiotics.  Delicious Eggs from happy chickens!

*Please bring your own egg cartons or baskets*

*Good To Know About Eggs: Do not wash or wet eggs and then store in your fridge!  uour eggs!  The shells are porous and will absorb the water and go bad!  Keep eggs dry in a egg carton and keep in the coldest part of your fridge, _not on the door or in a basket or bowl.

My NEW Bunny Rabbit web site: 

Stormies Bunny Barn at weebly.com



Winter BUNNIES Coming February 2015  Rabbits have been bred, bunnies coming!!!

Beautiful blue female lionhead with blue eyes available $35.00.


 Here at NightStar Farm we have our own Etsy store named StormieSummer. 

A worldwide known place to shop is etsy.  http://www.etsy.com you can find awesomely unique handmade items, vintage and supplies.

Sometimes we have orphans and or take in the unwanted.   This shop helps us do this, so we thank you for visiting.  


We are located in the city of Spring Hill, Hernando County which is in sunny Florida.









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